"Facets of Life" Rings by Eva Suba
#lovestory Trauringe
The Wall - Neckpiece by Eva Suba for The Contemporary Jewellery Exchange
The Wall - Contemporary Jewellery Exchange
Hope Jewellery Series by Eva Suba
Hoffnung - Kollektion
Past Present Future PerfeKt   |  3 Brooches |  Tantalum, Sterling silver, Stainless steel
Gestern - Heute - Morgen Tantalbroschen
Brocken Glück Serie
Brocken Glück Kleinserie
Mountain Air Necklaces by Eva Suba
Ein Hauch von Bergluft Halsschmuck
Memories   |  2 Brooches |  Photopaper, Sterling silver, Stainless steel
Errinnerung Broschen
"Signs" Rings by Eva Suba