"Hope" Necklace - Sterling Silver, Silk Thread by Eva Suba
"Hope" Necklace - Sterling Silver, Silk Thread by Eva Suba



There are times when all seems lost. When you have to dig really deep in yourself to find a little sparkle that fuels to stand up and continue. When you have to open your mind to anything that potentionally provides you with the power to rise.

It can be music, it can be a chat with a friend or maybe a walk in the woods or a swim in the ocean. The form reflects the buds of the spring, when nature awakens and sprouts hope.


Sometimes it's easy to enjoy sunshine. You turn your face towards the rays of light and just linger in the warmth. And then there are difficult times. When you just can't focus on the positive. When your chest is too tight of stress and your thoughts circle around without a way out.

Do you know the feeling?

I find solace in the circle of nature: the spring brings new beginnings, there is always another new day.


Hope dies last - says a Hungarian proverb.


So I keep looking for it.


This series is dedicated to everybody who finds the inner strength to do one more step towards positivity after a dark period of life.