Jewellery for Body and Soul

Inspired by philosophy, the beauty of day-to-day life, Eve's jewelry is characterized by clean lines and sculptural forms. She expresses her love of every piece of jewelry in it, with subtle details, beautiful craftsmanship and emotional depth. Eva creates small series and individual pieces made to measure for fingers, ears and the rest of the body. Social responsibility and environmental protection are very important to her, so wherever possible she uses fair-trade or conflict-free materials.

A 50

"A50" Collier - Gold - Palladium Mokume Gane Halsschmuck, Kette
"A50" Collier - Gold - Palladium Mokume Gane Halsschmuck

Moving on. Learning something. Experiencing newness. The joy of forging. This bespoke collier is made of 18 Ct Gold and Palladium. It is mounted in 50 steps, following the ancient technique of Mokume Gane. An almost meditative process full of the controlled and the accidental.

Nugget of Luck Collection

A Nugget of Luck Rings
A Nugget of Luck Rings


"Happiness resides not in possessions, and not in gold,

happiness dwells in the soul."

Lovestory Ring Series

Lovestory Stackable Ring
Lovestory Stackable Ring


Lovestory rings are handcrafted tiny sculptures available in various alloys ranging from sterling silver to 18 ct gold and platinum.  Its facets are arranged in a way that by turning it on the finger, the ring reveals always different facets inspired by the twists and turns of a loving relationship. 


Memory Brooches
Memory Brooches


Contemporary jewellery is my passion. These pieces reveal hidden meanings and represent the poetry behind wereable art. These  brooches are unique pieces created out of the photographies of a person, folded into photo-bodies that can be flipped showing various sides of the same photo.

Hope Collection

Hope Earstuds
Hope Earstuds


Hope is driving force behind human motivation. This jewellery series takes the symbolic meaning of spring buds cast in silver combined with pearls to a new dimension.

Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow Brooches

Past Present Future PerfeKt   |  3 Brooches
Past Present Future PerfeKt | 3 Brooches


Three brooches made of tantalum and silver. Each brooch stand for a the state-of-mind of a human being in one moment of time. Made of the smae materials still ubiquitous in its form, these brooches represent the change that occurs in the mind and soul of a person as time passes.

Mountain Air

Mountain Air Collier
Mountain Air Collier


This series is entirely crafted in stainless steel providing the pieces the lightness and stability of the feeling one gets when breathing in the crisp and clean air in the mountain regions. As human body moves, light falls on the different parts of these pieces giving one the sensation of continuous sparkle.


"Signs" Rings by Eva Suba
Sings - Rings


Unique forged rings inspired by human communication. Each ring started out as two dimensional drawing of an imaginary graphic character, then forged into three dimensional wearable object. The original meaning of each character lives on in the modified form, in the same time it remains hidden from the mind of those who do not wear it.

The Wall

The Wall - Neckpiece by Eva Suba for The Contemporary Jewellery Exchange
The Wall - Contemporary Jewellery Exchange


"The Wall" Neckpiece under the theme of the refugee crisis since 2015 was created for: Nik Hanton, a fellow contemporary jewellery artist living in New Zealand, in the framework of The Contemporary Jewellery Exchange 2016.
The Wall is a neckpiece dedicated to all the people who fled from war: the dead and the survivors and interprets the emotional distress of war refugees facing the closed walls of the promised land throughout centuries of mankind's history.