Eva Suba

After my MA in Italian Culture and Art I worked as a communication specialist while completing my studies in Goldsmithing and Jewellery Design at the German Staatliche Zeichenakademie. As a trained jewellery maker I share a gallery and workshop in Hanau, Germany: MADE IN HANAU


Social responsability and environmental protection is extremely important for me. To ensure that no harm is made to humans and their environment, all my pieces are made of either 100% conflict-free and recycled precious metals or upon request Fairtrade gold.


You are invited to visit me in my atelier or join me at one of my events.

Jewellery Credo

Fragments of time are something personal. Whatever happens in the past, the human carries it buried deep under the skin – it eventually evolves into impacting future.  

The man-made space mirrors the human mind and soul. Mankind modifies its surrounding just like the (wo)man‘s personality changes thanks to experiences, evolving continuously in a personal landscape.   I am deeply inspired by people and their impact on their personal landscapes. Architecture, patterns, organisms, and the excitement of hidden meanings impact my visual language. My objects can be worn and they tell stories.

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